enriches our diet with components that have positive effect on muscle growth and general physical state


BCCA stand for branched-chain amino acids. They include L-valine, L-leucine and L-isoleucine. This is the most useful combination for bodybuilders and those who take care of their body because aminoacids maintain muscle mass and prevent muscle breakdown. Moreover they can be used by our bodies as an extra energy source thanks to their unique structure. One more plus is quicker rebuild.


275 ml(25 vials x 11 ml)


2 vials(each 11 ml) a day

Ingredients Value
Average nutritional values Per vial
L-leucine 250 mg
L-valine 125 mg
L-isoleucine 125 mg
L-glutamine 500 mg

Taking BCAA as a supplement will allow you to gain set aims quicker and achieve great results in bodybuilding and other sport.


Provides a lot of benefits to our body. You can definitely improve your health by taking glutamine. First it improves substantially gastrointestinal health and contributes to healing your stomach and gut because it protects these organs from further damage. It is a necessary component when we speak about recovery. Moreover scientists state that glutamine is able to better memory, focus and concentration. Another big advantage of it is stabilized blood sugar. Glutamine is also known for its detoxification properties and can improve metabolism. But certainly the main characteristic of glutamine is its ability to promote muscle growth and decrease muscle wasting. In general Glutamine:


Together BCAA and Glutamine will strengthen your health, help you achieve great sport results and improve every aspect of your life.


Sport and Helth

Probiolab BCAA+Glutamine is a specially designed complex composed of 3 branched-chain amino acids(L-valine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine) and glutamine. Adequate proportion of such combination in the product boosts muscle growth, contributes to muscle tissue regeneration as well as waste product removal after intense physical activity. Together BCAA and Glutamine favor protein synthesis, increase muscle mass. In addition BCAA have anticatabolic effect, stimulate insulin production, and increase energy level. In its turn Glutamine promotes immune system, and prevents undesirable muscle loss during work-outs.