Health, beauty and youth in just one vial!

The name of our product PROBIOLAB Q10+Vitamins speaks for itself. This is a combination which includes vitamins of group B, coenzyme Q10, royal jelly, vitamins D, C, E, magnesium and zinc.

Coenzyme Q10 is responsible for skin cells life cycle and therefore skin health and youth.

Another great youth defender is vitamin E. It is vital if we speak about such illnesses as psoriasis, seborrhea, or as a prevention means against early skin aging. It is also an effective means against UV rays which helps to neutralize damage we get due to ultraviolet lamps in tanning salons.

  • Vitamins of group B are essential for keeping our hair strong and beautiful.
  • Vitamin B1(thiamin) is a vitamin of great importance. It is responsible for shiny and strong hair. In case if its insufficiency you can note hair dullness and its breaking.
  • Vitamin B2(riboflavin) reduces excessive hair oiliness.
  • Vitamin B3(niacin)  is valuable because it contributes to forming of color agents. Which means that if you are low on this vitamin you are prone to early and more quickly appearance of grow hair. It also affects hair growth.
  • Vitamin B5(pantothenic acid) supports hair moisture and smoothness.
  • Vitamin B6(pyridoxine) provides normal hair and skin nourishment. It helps to avoid skin itching and reduces its dryness. Moreover Vitamin B6 is necessary for getting rid of dandruff.
  • Vitamin B7(biotin) is important for good hair growth. It is major component when fighting with extreme hair loss.
  • Vitamin B9(folic acid)is required for healthy hair growth and eliminating early appearance of grow hair.
  • Vitamin  B12(cyanocobalamine) influence cells regeneration. Hair loss, itching and skin dryness are main symptoms of this vitamin deficit.
  • Royal jelly

Active ingredients of royal jelly (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamins, minerals) – nourish and tone up the skin, stimulate and regenerate cellular metabolism, rejuvenate skin cells, slow down wrinkle formation, stabilize hormone balance.

Vitamin D is responsible for normal mineral metabolism in our bodies, it contributes to proper phosphorus and calcium assimilation, strengthen hair and nails.

Magnesium takes part in collagen formation, which means that in case of its insufficiency the skin can lose its elasticity. Scientists proved that deficit in this mineral seriously affect water-salt balance. When getting not enough of magnesium the water is retained in the tissues and this causes swelling, the face became pale and puffy. Moreover as mentioned previously magnesium deficit also affects collagen synthesis that is responsible for strength and resistance power of conjunctive tissue. As a result skin turned to be flabby and flaccid.

Zinc means luxurious hair, strong nails and soft skin. Zinc improves general skin state and its color, takes active part in processing of fatty acids therefore improving regeneration processes. If you are getting not enough zinc your nails will be chipping and brittle, they need zinc for proper protein synthesis and thereof healthy growth.

Q10+Vitamins – potion of youth and beauty!     

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