Healthy and sound sleep – guarantee of beautiful skin!

Today I woke up and did not recognize myself. Why is that? I thought about it and then I got it: this is the result of my sound sleep tonight. I really look great!

Our skin and face is affected by not getting enough or getting bad sleep. Healthy and sound sleep is the best home cosmetologist that will always help. It was proven that when sleeping certain mechanisms that are engaged in skin regeneration take place. No other means provide such high results, healthy and sound sleep is beyond competition. Today people with their pace of life hardly have time for a good sleep. As a result our skin color and state suffer. Without night rest our body spend energy to overcome fatigue at daytime, extra blood is delivered to the organs and part of it is taken from face. Due to this factor skin loses its healthy and shiny look, and under-eye circles, water retention and floppiness appear. During the sleep growth hormones are released, they contribute to skin cells regeneration. At night keratin and collagen fibers are produced more effectively and the cells began to rejuvenate more quickly.

Good sleep helps the body to strengthen the immune system, stabilize nervous system , keep balance of hormones which are responsible for health and beauty at the appropriate level(among them are melatonin, growth hormones, leptin and ghrelin, hormones of thyroid gland and others).

To solve a problem either with sleep or health or beauty we developed PROBIOLAB Melatonin. Melatonin is the main hormone of pineal gland which acts as a strong regulator of biologic rhythms, supporting normal circadies rhythms. The product provides normal regenerating sleep to  people whose work make them feel jet-lagged due to constant changing of time zones and those who work in shifts or under  artificial lighting, i.e. under the conditions of permanent disturbance of sleep-wake cycles.

Thanks to this hormone we are able to have sound sleep and feel boost of energy afterwards. This is the hormone that slows down aging process in our bodies.

You are worth of getting enough sleep and look great!

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