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Probiolab – care for your health

Our mission is to develop high-quality natural products, which help to improve all areas of human life.

Every day, we're faced with a seemingly unending parade of choices that ultimately determine our beauty, mood and our health. Proper selection of food supplements can make you happier, improve your health and quality of life.

The main features of our products are high quality, natural ingredients and the use of liquid forms , which has a number of advantages such as :

  • Liquid (also known as colloidal) vitamin form provides the highest possible assimilation of nutrients into the body than nutritional supplements in pill form
  • High biological activity
  • Impact not only on our physical health ,but also emotional, mental, and spiritual health
  • Simplicity and ease of use

Our insistence on using natural products is one of the many features that differentiate us from the rest of the market, where the use of synthetic products is immoderate.  From start to finish, our quality processes are very well established. Probiolab works with the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers of raw materials. The raw materials are tested according the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards and ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization). We choose non-GMO ingredients.

Specialized nutrition supplies in the liquid form are produced in pharmaceutical factories in Spain. The manufacturing strictly complies with all requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Product packaging is performed in a sealed container under UV Sterilization Technology, which allows to keep the maximum amount of nutrients in the product and substantially increase shelf life.


Probiolab means:

  • All ingredients are safe and comply with all requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia, USA Pharmacopoeia and Food Chemical Codex (FCC).
  • No genetically modified organisms in any Probiolab product.
  • No irradiated ingredients in any Probiolab product. 
  • Highly educated employees guarantee the accuracy of the scientific data in relation to Probiolab products and provide support to end consumers.

The safety of the product for the consumers is provided by pasteurization and UV Sterilization Technology.

About us
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